Introductory Company Assessment

Introductory Company Assessment

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Announcing an online introductory evaluation platform for companies, as the first step in a due diligence process that will be required for any future major capital event—such as sale, merger, public offering, listing on the future Dream Exchange, etc. Invest a couple of hours or so for a detailed questionnaire and assessment process and receive an initial assessment in a readable and understandable PDF report delivered to you via email.

The purpose of the Introductory Company Assessment is to correctly evaluate, at a high level and get an accurate snapshot of the company, in order to help companies navigate to the appropriate listing track/due diligence program based on an evaluation of three strategic areas of the business:

1) the type of products and services commercially available; 
2) the background of the ownership, senior management, and strategic advisors; and 
3) the financial state of the organization.

Interested company representatives invest a few hours answering detailed questions that will be reviewed and analyzed by the Dream Exchange staff. The Dream Exchange Introductory Company Assessment results in a score for each of multiple categories, as well as an overall score for the company, which will govern the next stage in the process toward successful and optimal execution of a capital event.

Companies will receive a detailed report on the assessment results, as well as a free consultation with a Dream Exchange representative to go over the results and discuss possible next steps to help your company create a future relationship once the Dream Exchange becomes operational, or other introductory products and services to help you prepare internally to optimize your company for a successful capital event.

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